Classic mirror

It’s in the name: These mirrors are classic, elegant, timeless. This collection is a mix of wall-hanging and standing mirrors that will look elegant no matter how you choose to display them. No matter your style, we have the perfect modern mirror for your bedroom, living room, or entryway.


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Arko mirror No. 1 | Small - BlossholmArko mirror No. 1 | 70 x 40 cm. - Blossholm
Arko mirror No. 1 | Small Sale price€175,00 EUR
Arko mirror No. 2 | 160 x 40 cm. - BlossholmArko mirror No. 2 | 160 x 50 cm. - Blossholm
Arko mirror no. 2 | Large Sale price€329,00 EUR
Arko mirror No. 3 | 180 x 60 cm. - BlossholmArko mirror no. 3 | XL - Blossholm
Arko mirror no. 3 | XL Sale price€449,00 EUR
Arko mirror No. 4 | 200 x 80 cm. - BlossholmArko mirror No. 4 | 200 x 80 cm. - Blossholm
Oval Mirror No. 1 | 30 x 100 cm. - BlossholmOval Mirror no. 1 | 30 x 100 cm - Blossholm
Oval Mirror no. 1 | 30 x 100 cm Sale price€175,00 EUR
Oval mirror no. 2 | 40 x 130 cm. - BlossholmOval mirror No. 2 | 40 x 130 cm. - Blossholm
Oval mirror no. 2 | 40 x 130 cm. Sale price€249,00 EUR
Oval mirror No. 3 | 150 x 50 cm. - BlossholmOval mirror No. 3 | 150 x 50 cm. - Blossholm
Oval mirror no. 3 | 150 x 50 cm. Sale price€309,00 EUR
Aurum mirror no. 1 | Large - BlossholmAurum mirror no. 1 | Large - Blossholm
Aurum mirror no. 1 | Large Sale price€175,00 EUR
Aurum mirror no. 2 | XL - Blossholm
Aurum mirror no. 2 | XL Sale price€329,00 EUR
Square mirror no. 1 | 170 x 60 cm - BlossholmSquare mirror no. 1 | 170 x 60 cm - Blossholm
Square mirror no. 1 | 180 x 60 cm Sale price€399,00 EUR

Timeless Design

BLOSSHOLM has reimagined functional design to be more elegant than ever. Simple shapes and clean edges make these minimalist mirrors the ideal addition to any room. They are the perfect match for your home if you are looking for an upscale wall mirror without a frame.

Elegant: Choose from an array of arch mirrors for living rooms, round wall mirrors for bedrooms, and other minimalist designs that will compliment any room in your home. The Classic Collection pairs timeless shapes with beautiful beveled edges to add an upscale touch to your space. These mirrors will change with your home; add it to your modern bedroom decor to create a clean-cut vibe or use it in a Nordic style kitchen to add a touch of personality.

Functional: Add functionality to any space with the Classic Collection. Simplistic shapes and designs create the perfect minimalist decor piece for your entryway, living room, or bedroom. Hang our small square mirror on your wall or choose a large arch mirror to use as a floor-standing piece; Any way you use them, our Classic Mirrors are effortlessly functional and abundantly elegant.

Invite light to your home

The Classic Collection keeps it simple to draw as much light into your space as possible. These mirrors are functional design pieces that make your space feel open, bright, and spacious.

Endless possibilities: Classic Mirrors are designed to fit with your personal style and preferences. With everything from small, round mirrors for your bathroom to large, arch mirrors for your entryway, the Classic Collection has something for everyone. Mix and match with your decor to achieve the perfect look. No matter how big or small the space, Classic Mirrors will brighten and illuminate. 


Classic Collection Mirrors are ready to be installed in your home as a wall-mounted mirror or standing mirror. For safety reasons, we suggest attaching the mirror to the wall at the top. BLOSSHOLM mirrors are high quality and well-balanced, but we recommend being cautious about placement to avoid accidents.