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The classic design piece that completes the modern Nordic home. The New Yorker mirror series is a collection of high-quality wall mirrors with stylish iron frames. Hang the mirror on a wall or place it on the floor; These mirrors will bring light into any home.


Industrial design and classic elegance

BLOSSHOLM reimagines the modern mirror to be more elegant and functional than ever. New Yorker mirrors fashionably combine rustic industrialism and classic elegance. These mirrors have a harmonious balance between aesthetic and functionality which make them the perfect decorative accent piece in every home.

Rustic Industrialism: Simplistic details complete the design of the Nordic home, while geometric shapes catch the eye. Iron frames in gold and black complement industrial designs, from grid styles to simple iron outlines. 

Classic Elegance: Minimalist. Clean-cut. Refined. The New Yorker Collection’s timeless shapes are elegant, yet stately. Clean edges and simplistic iron accents give a sophisticated feel to these beautiful accent pieces.

Create space with New Yorker mirrors

The New Yorker Collection was created with light in mind, with various size choices that will make your home feel more bright, dynamic, and open.

Simple designs: Minimalist geometric elements add dimension to both simple and extravagant spaces. Our designs are both stylish and versatile, made to bring a finishing touch to spaces of any size, style, or era. Timeless shapes draw the eye in while sleek iron frames complement modern homes.

Multiple sizes: Created with functionality in mind, The New Yorker Collection has options that will work in any space. A large New Yorker mirror is ideal for opening up entryways and creating a feeling of openness in a living room. In a bedroom or entryway, a small mirror will invite light in to act as a space-opening accent piece. Regardless of what your home looks like, BLOSSHOLM has the ideal mirror for you.

Many uses: Minimalist designs create versatile mirrors. New Yorker mirrors offer endless possibilities for creating space in your interior. Mount it vertically in a hallway and see how it instantly makes the space brighter. Mount it horizontally to simulate a window to add an airy feel to your living room. Or, use your New Yorker mirror as a standing mirror for easy installation in any room.

Easy Installation

Our New Yorker mirrors can be hung on the wall horizontally, vertically, or used as a standing mirror. For safety reasons, we recommend attaching the mirror to the wall at the top. Our mirrors are high quality and have good balance, but we recommend being cautious about placement to avoid accidents. 

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In the event that you regret your purchase you have 100 days to arrange for a free return.

100 day free returns

In the event that you regret your purchase you have 100 days to arrange for a free return.

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